• No more wet gloves - gives you a better grip
  • No more wet grips - equipment lasts longer
  • No more leaving clubs behind - avoids frustration
  • Club shaft stays dry - less likelihood of rusting
  • Place anywhere on the shaft to give desired elevation - flexible club height/angle
  • Eliminates contact with hazardous fertilisers/dressings - protects hands and club
  • Reduces need to bend down to retrieve club - saves strain on your back
  • Easy to access during play - just clips on the side of your bag


Handystandy™ is not only a cool tool that would look great on any golf bag, but it is seriously useful.

What the Professionals Say...


Kelly Tolbert

Former US Golf Pro

Handystandy™ is simple and useful, suitable for all levels of Golfers.

Really great when the weather has restricted golfers to the cart path only, with nowhere to rest a second club.

With Handystandy™ neatly supporting a club off the ground the problem is solved.

Shane Hodgkins

Head Green Keeper, Moors Valley, UK

I fully endorse the use of a Handystandy™, because as well as saving golfers inconvenience and frustration, it helps protect the green from indentations, made when golfers lean on a club to bend down and pick up a second one.

That’s better for everyone!

Doctor K Taylor

Chiropractor - US

A chiropractor and golfer, I have real insight into back strain golfers can suffer from.

Anything that reduces bending down is a plus.

With Handystandy™ you will bend down less - twice on each hole - once to tee up, once to retrieve the ball.

Karl Bagshot

Keen golfer, designer & founder

Having tired of wet gloves & club grips, even leaving clubs behind, we designed Handystandy™ to eliminate these problems.

Now you simply clip Handystandy™ to your club and leave it propped up on the green. Then just clip back onto your bag when you are ready to go.